Happy Holidays 2003!


Dear Friends and Family,



We wish you and your loved ones "Happy Holidays"! It’s been a very busy year for Andy, Morgan and me, and it promises to get even busier next year with the arrival of our new addition. As you can see by the pumpkin in the picture above, we are expecting the arrival of a new baby. As far as we can tell, our new little boy will arrive around the first or second week of February. Andy and I are very happy, and Morgan is excited about becoming a big brother (we think…it’s kind of hard to tell with an almost-three-year-old).


We are still getting settled in our new Kentucky home. For those of you who may not have heard, we relocated to Lexington, Kentucky when Andy received an offer for an Assistant Professorship at the University of Kentucky. I am also working at the University of Kentucky as a genetic counselor for the Markey Cancer Center, and the director is working on getting me a faculty position as well (we’ll see…). Morgan is working diligently as an almost-three-year-old at Kindercare, and is very productive. He cranks out at least four or five craft projects a week.


We are enjoying our fabulous new house in Lexington…we went from a 300 square foot railroad apartment in Manhattan to a 2500+ square foot (not counting the basement) 4-bedroom house in the suburbs. We don’t know what to do with all the space, aside from creating more children to fill it!

Morgan is a big boy now…he’s talking up a storm, getting big, and learning to do things like dress himself and "go on the big potty". He has enjoyed seeing his grandparents, great grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins this past year.



Most recently, we spent a week in Tampa, Florida with my parents for Thanksgiving. Morgan had a blast at the Clearwater Pier and Lowry Park Zoo, and really enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Shirley, Grandpa Ed, Great Grandma Lois and Aunt Mandy.


Earlier in November, Grandma Marion, Grandpa Jim and Molly the Dog paid us a visit, and we all took a trip out to Mammoth Cave. The cave was really big (thus the name), but the pictures we took really do not do it justice. Instead, here is a lovely picture of Morgan on the couch with Grandma and Grandpa at our house.


We are also looking forward to having both sets of grandparents up to our house for Christmas this year.

We sincerely hope that the holidays find you in happiness and good health this year, and we hope that many of you will be able to come visit us in Lexington when you get the chance!



Heather, Andy and Morgan Pierce