Some Biographical Info
(really out of date now mostly)

Above are some not-very recent pictures. There is one of Heather, one of me, and one of the two of us together. Cute couple huh?

Our son Morgan Alexander was born on December 27th, 2000. He's doing great! Check out the many pictures of him. I'll try to keep putting up new ones.
Heather is pregnant! Ultrasound pix on her web page. Due date is projected as Dec. 25, 2000.
We took a vacation to Portugal in March of 2000. We highly recommend it.
Heather and I got successfully married on March 16th, 1996 in Tampa, Florida. We also threw a fun party back here a week later in North Carolina which had about 50 or 60 people at it. I think that pretty much everyone had a good time.

The latest on the wedding is that:

Heather and I moved to New York City in late summer 1997. (New York City?!?) Above are some pix from our old home in North Carolina. Heather got her Ph.D. summer 1997. There's a pic of her Ph.D. dissertation committee right after her defense. Funny looking people, eh? Also, a pic of our quality group of soccer friends from North Carolina. We miss you guys!

I used to work for Maria Jasin, studying DNA double-strand break repair at the Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer center.

Heather completed her master's degree in genetic counseling at the Mount Sinai school of medicine in February, 1999. She stayed on at Mt. Sinai doing a fellowship speciallizing in cancer genetic counseling. Mt. Sinai then offered her a somewhat crappy job at a big-time crappy salary, so she turned them down and worked instead for the Human Genetics department of Sloan-Kettering. She had an enormous office there!

Now, we're both at the University of Kentucky in the "horse capital of the world", Lexington, Kentucky (although they make good bourbon too).

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