Synergy is the name of a multi-user domain (MUD) on which I am an adminstrator. In essence it is a text based (no pictures) adventure game wherein you create a "character" and wander around a created world exploring areas, killing monsters, getting treasure; typical adventure game material. The difference is that more than one human player can play the same game at the same time. That is, you can also meet and talk with other players, help/hinder each other etc. If you want to give it a try, telnet to: 2000

Don't forget the trailing '2000'. This is the port number and is required for a successful connection. Alternatively, you can point your web-browser to the URL:


Give it a try! The name of my character there is 'Myriad' so if I'm on, you can drop me a line.

Synergy is also has a spiffy web page which you can check out. There's lots of fun & educational stuff there. :)

Breaking News (September 2000)

Synergy is back up after a hiatus of several months. Please apply on the web at Synergy's web page.

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