Likable Links

Here are some links that I frequent on a regular basis, mainly for entertainment:
I use Excite as my default page when the browser fires up. It has some good customizable features such as layouts for news, stocks, sports etc. It's probably no better than several of the other internet portals that will do the same thing for you, but Excite seems friendly enough and works for me.
New York Times (online)
Neo-fascist mostly Democratic Party-owned daily rag. Has the typical American-media biases and tries to pretend that it doesn't, but you can still extract factual news if you read carefully.
The web site of Mick & Woody, the voices of the Tar Heels. Excellent coverage of UNC sports.
The usual way to keep up with the action on the WikiWikiWeb (although check out QuickChanges as well).
This is an online biological scientific journal I am kicking around creating. It is also useful for my experimental programming of an SSI-directed python-driven Wiki-like construct (currently working on registered logins).


Links I use frequently for reference purposes:

National Center for Biotechnology Information
The National Institutes of Health's main reference web site. Provides molecular biology tools and database searches, including the searchable human genome. Also provides Pubmed, a searchable index of health sciences journal articles (kind of a crappy user interface though).
Sponsored by New England Biolabs, Rebase is a database of currently known restriction endonucleases.
Now clearly seems to be the best search engine available on the web.
I mainly use Yahoo for their stock discussion message boards. They are easy to use, and occasionally provide useful information and perspectives on how people perceive certain securities. High signal to noise for some securities, useless for others.


Some links to fascinating stuff on the web:
From the Johann Sebastian Bach Frequently Asked Questions website, an essay that argues that one of Bach's most famous compositions, the Toccata and Fugue in D minor for organ (BWV565), was not written by Bach, is not a Toccata, wasn't written for organ and wasn't in the key of D minor. The thesis is that the piece as it is performed today is an arrangement by an unknown person of a Bach work originally written for violin in a different key.
All your base are belong to us! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

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