Morgan's Third Month

I'm happiest when I'm being held.
Here's my Mom...

...and here's my Dad.

What is he doing?
Really, I'm in a
good mood.

Although sometimes I really am unhappy.
Make it better Grandpa.

Things are looking up.


Back at you.

Go Heels!

I'm starting to explore
things around me.

Check out the evil clown.

Is that a stoat?

I still sleep a lot.

Boring computer junk.

Must... conserve... strength.

Here I am outside
the sugar shack in Connecticut.
They make maple syrup here.

It's nice and warm and
smells good inside the shack.
Another quality nap opportunity.

I don't know if I'll ever
be able to stand up at this rate!

To pictures from my second month.

Our trip to the cherry festival

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