Here he is!

Here's our very first picture of our baby-boy-to-be at 8 weeks. To help orient you, the womb is the dark upside-down tear shape at the center left, and the baby is the bean shape at the bottom of it. He is head-up, facing left, sort of leaning his back against the wall.
Here he is at 12 weeks...see how much he's grown! Now he's facing to the right. You can make out the profile of his face (if you have a good imagination...).

Wave hello! Here is his arm, shoulder at the top, elbow to the right, and hand in the center. His head is the white shape just to the left of his hand.
Here is his leg, hip at the top, knee to the right, ankle at the bottom. He's in classic skating position already!

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Okay, here's one he won't appreciate when he's older...This is what makes us think we're expecting a boy. Imagine that you're looking at him from beneath, with his butt in the upper left corner, and he's squatting with his knees spread apart. I think you all know where the arrow is pointing...don't they know it's not polite to point?