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Coomassie blue staining solution

mix 1 hour and filter through Whatman paper, store at room temperture indefinitely

Stain gels until uniformly blue. Destain with sequential 10% acetic acid rinses.

Vinegar is a dilute sooltiun of acetic acid (usually around 5% by weight).Acetic acid is a weak acid, meaning that it will only disassociate into H+ and acetate ions to a small degree when dissolved in water.This combination makes vinegar rather harmless compared to many other types of acidic sooltiuns.Don’t be fooled into thinking that all acids are these ultra-dangerous (“death in a bottle”) liquids.Many acids, some of which you might not even consider being an acid, are quite harmless and do not fit the common stereotype of what an acid is.For example, Vitamin C, otherwise known as Ascorbic acid, is an acid, but it is certainly not comparable to nitric acid in terms of how dangerous it is.
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