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'Wiki wiki' means 'quick' in Hawaiian. A Wiki is a collection of hyperlinked pages that are more-or-less freely editable by anyone. The pages use a simplified mark-up language to provide rudimentary text formatting. This wiki's specific language is described by TextFormattingRules. The wiki mark-up language is supposed to be visually oriented such that the mark-up version of the page is an approximate representation of what the formatted version will look like. New pages can be added as needed or desired by clicking on undefined WikiNames.

Wiki principles:

The original Wiki is WardCunningham's Portland Pattern Repository (, which deals mainly with various aspects of computer programming. I programmed this wiki in Python ( to address unmet needs in a wiki used for molecular protocols.

The source code to this wiki [tentatively "MobiWiki" for "Molecular Biology Wiki"], and all the wiki-file documents in this wiki are covered by the Gnu General Public Licence ( A tarball of the source (with the licence in the README file) is available at

1This wiki implements some degree of WriteControls so that changes to technically oriented material can be fully vetted before being implemented into the main text.

This application seems like a cool thing to use in your own peonrsal life, and in business. I like that it is very private, whoever starts the chat room has full control over who joins. I think it is neat how there is no need to download the app, especially when some people have limited space on their computers. I believe this could also be useful during business meetings. The fact that you can type things, visually see the person you are chatting with, and also hear them is a good thing to have, especially during a meeting. One problem that seems sort of important, especially for a business is the fact that you cannot save anything. That might be a reason why some businesses or even schools do not use this application. I think that it would be very interesting to use this program in the classroom. I like the idea of being able to have a guest speaker talk to the class through the internet, but I think that this would happen on rare occasions. I do not see this being used regularly in any classroom. In the review, it is mentioned that a student who is home sick could use it and be available in the class. When a child is home sick they are usually not in a condition to learn, that is why they are kept home. Also, I do not think it is very practical for a teacher to worry about keeping a student on the computer from home when they have other students that are in class, and need their help. And what happens when the class leaves the room? Do they have to make plans when to be online? This is not the best idea on how to use the application. Again, I think this is a great application for people to use in their peonrsal life, to stay connected with family and friends, I do not think it would enhance a classroom lesson.
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