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  • Welcome! Thanks for visiting my webpage...here's the latest as of October 2003...

    Andy, Morgan, and I had a great time in October 2003at Autumnfest at the Bi-Water Farm in Georgetown, Kentucky.

    The big news is that we are adding another unsuspecting member to our strange little family! We are expecting a little boy on February 8, 2004. Here is a picture of me 6 months pregnant with the little guy:

    We haven't decided on a name yet, although "Elvis" is in the running, and for now we call him "Little Ehud". I had an ultrasound on September 24, 2003 to tell us the gender and to check out the bits, and all seems in order...you can check out the pictures here.

    For comparison, you may also want to see ultrasound pictures of Morgan in the fetal state as well.

    As of late January 2003, Andy, Morgan and I became residents of Lexington, Kentucky. Many of you may have the same reaction that one of the locals had when she heard we had moved here from Manhattan, which is to say "I assume you didn't move here by choice."

    Well, while I never would have dreamed when I left Florida that I would end up in Kentucky, it seems like a nice place so far.

    What brought us to Kentucky was the proverbial Search for a Real Job. My husband,

    Andy Pierce

    was looking for a research faculty position at universities throughout the US and Canada. The University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center offered him a position as an Assistant Professor with the School of Medicine in the Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. As a bonus, Markey Cancer Center asked me to come on board to re-establish their cancer genetic counseling program. The offer seemed pretty good, so we packed up and set out on the open road.

    While I am still fond of this picture of me from Spring 2001 at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

    here is a more recent picture of me and Morgan in February 2003 hamming it up at home (Morgan looks like "Frankenboy" due to the 3 stitches he required after stage-diving onto the fireplace hearth)


    Andy is doing well, although like me he is *still* having a hard time adjusting to the new schedule, and all the space in our new house...

    Here is a picture of my butterfly garden when it was first planted...

    It is much more grand and unruly now...I will try to find a more recent picture for the website.

    We are no longer unpacking the boxes , (although some remain unopened in the basement until we can figure out to do with the stuff), and we are *still* a little light on furniture and decor, but we are open for business as the cheapest and strangest bed and breakfast in Lexington.


    For those of you whose thirst for pictures has not been slaked, you can check out pictures of more pictures on Andy's website, where there are many other pictures, useful info, and friendly links as well.


    Thanks for stopping by! Y'all come back now, hear?